Oct 14, 2015 Wedding

Hello Friends!
It is an honor for me, was allowed to become a wedding photographer for Adit. Very pleasant due to be held in Bandung, a city where saving a lot of memories for me, because my father came from Bandung.

Adit is my friend, a fellow photographer at the Colorful. I often talk to him about anything, love, photography, marriage, politics, etc. He is a very nice person who always put a lil smile on his face. And Rika? I’m not really know her. But when Adit introduced her to me, I knew Rika is the right person to accompany Adit for the rest of their life. I think Rika is the type of tough and firmly woman. Yes you know, women play an important role in the household. lol.

Overall I am very happy my friend could find his soul mate. Festive wedding event, a good band, and a great time in Braga Street make me feel awesome! And also thanks to all of the Colorful Photocinema Team, Apri Isnanto, Danto, Roro Aveline, Hendi, Nandana, Sanusi, and Akbary. You are GREAT!