Jan 14, 2017 Wedding


Long time no see. I miss u all. Yeah, rightnow i wanna share a lovely outdoor and rustic wedding concept for Rani and Ardin, a good friend of mine. Most of couple come to me with lot of common things, but not with this one. Ardin is a calm boy (sometimes to much) and Rani is a tacky and DETAIL girl. Every single detail of their wedding became her concern a lot! But it’s really good, because she knew what she wants. And voila, this is the wedding of Rani and Ardin.

Rani and Ardin Wedding Day, HYATT Regency Hotel-Yogyakarta.

WO by Callalilly Party.
Photo and Video by Julian Somadewa Photography.
Venue by HYATT.
Decoration by Royal Kinanthi.