Apr 29, 2015 Wedding

Hello friends!

It’s like a dream come true. Why? i wanna tell why, but i wanna share about my lil experience with a client 6 years ago. In the past when i started become wedding photographer i got client who always cared about her gown and flowers decoration. It’s true, she likes it most. She said that all of the color was nice. But how silly i am, i asked to her to put all of the picture all in black and white for the wedding album. You know what happened? She was totally shocked. She said, “why i spend a lot for nice colored gown and flowers if you just want to give me black and white album?” I told her that BW picts is good, a lot of drama, and surely romance, and she said again, “I DON’T CARE!” Hahahahaha…

That’s the first and the last time i asked my client to offer BW wedding photos. Don’t try this at your client. A little silly story, but right now i wanna present to you all of black and white pictures from the wedding Nindy and Deny, my best friend. Both of them are cute and has a long story to tell. But the most important thing is they love to each other.

Thanks for the amazing team that came from miles away from Borneo, Jakarta, Magelang for become my partners. Thanks Wahyu Aurora, Adi Kurniawan, Apri Isnanto, Agus Nunus, and Noven Samakta. Y’ll are awesome!