Nov 3, 2015 Wedding

Hello World…

Nice to meet you again. Before this post, i was posting Rika and Adit Wedding in Bandung. And now i wanna talk about Palembang Wedding. Yeah, i got client with Palembang wedding culture. I felt so amaze with this because you know, i do 80% of Javanese wedding. So this time for refreshing myself. My client, Ajeng and Nugy is a humble person although i donn’t know them so much. Yeah but i wanna talk more about the wedding, especially about the culture.
What most interesting thing? yeah, a fact that the bride must perform a dance, called Pagar Pengantin. Pagar Pengantin is performed with the meaning that now the bride already has a companion (husband) and also that the bride’s friends accompany the departure of the bride to married life. So cute. isn’t it? and you know what, i love the gown. It’s like looking at a dance in a magnificent royal palaces and huge. And again i am surprised that Ajeng was dancing very very very good. You have to see by yourself. And you wanna know more, enjoy my photos.

Julian Somadewa