Apr 28, 2014 Prewedding

First time i looked in to their eyes when they asked, “Julian, we wanna take a prewedding session with you. Do we can set the schedule?”, i felt cool and awesome. Really, I don’t know why. I just felt that this would be fun. And i am right, they’re very excited with this (but i named it, too exciting). One month to get a preparation drive me crazy, especially Arif. You know why? Arif is people with full of anxiety. He called me 5 times a day! (Even my girl friend never did that). He drive me to do this, do that, do this again, do that again and again. Do i mad with that? Not at all. He just worried about his best day before wedding day. I really appreciate Arif’s passion and it’s work. Trust me, you must have a passion to get LOVE from somebody, in this case, for sure they LOVE me so much. Hahahaha…


Julian Somadewa