Aug 24, 2017 Prewedding

The first time I met them, I know it would be amazing to take picture of them. Yeah, I met Eric and Yohan 1 month before the shooting day. They really know what they want in prefectly detail. Y’all know I Love client who always put something detail and special for their special day with me. Let me tell you something. Eric is one of the best man that I’ve ever met. If i were a girl, I suposed to love him so much. He is a tough, warm, and charming man. A long with chit-chat with him, I feel the real manly side. Otherwise, I saw lot of smooth side from Yohan. She is a doctor. What the most interting thing from Yohan? The way she put words in any conversations. Both of them make me feel fallin in love more and more! Oh God, thank you for givin me such a great client.

Julian Somadewa.

Thank you for the team:
Director: Septian Anung
Cinema: Septian Anung
Drone: Adhi Kurniawan
Photo: Julian Somadewa
MUA: Tina Wardhana