Apr 3, 2016 Prewedding

Hello Friends…

Long time no see. Sorry for this late post. I was so busy for past two months. But, i come with this unique client, Sekar and Dhiar. Both of them are younger than me, 25 years old and they are the type of “silly couple.” Yeah, they both always did a silly things and talks. But, like i said, “all of my clients are unique.”

Try to feel it, when you’re young you always became an emotional person, right? Yeah, that’s what i felt from them. When i shoot, i always thinking about emotional relationship between them, because they begin all of this start from High School. They also tell me story about their love journey. It’s amazing! This is the best part for becoming a wedding photographer. I should and I can learn a lot from couples.

Sekar and Dhiar, thank you for your trust and so thanks for amazing love journey that you both told me. It means a lot for me.