Jun 5, 2014 Prewedding

This June, I received a lot of orders to shoot prewdding. One of them is Retno and Baim. I really liked them. They are the perfect lovers, at least it seems to me. They work at the same company, Garuda, but in a different division. Retno working on ticket sales and Baim in GMF (Garuda Maintenance Facility). Therefore I have to realize my dream to photograph prewedding combined with the aircraft. Yes, not just anyone can get in to the airport, running around, screaming, and even get into the cockpit of the plane and Baim have that permission, how lucky i am. Although only allowed to take pictures during the 20 minutes, I was very happy to see the cockpit of a plane. Thanks Retno and Baim.


Julian Somadewa