Aug 6, 2016 Prewedding

Hello friends!

Back again with me, Julian Somadewa. Last month I was so busy with all of Eid day and all of those stuffs. In my Indonesian tradition, Syawal (after Ramadhan) is the best day to get married, so I was full booked for July. It’s so tiring so much.

Yeah, rightnow I want to share my prewedding session with my lovely client, Nares and Yanen. Actually, I’ve posted 1 photo of them which is won the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER SOCIETY Award. Yeah, that is my very first international award. Let me tell you more. I really love this couple, why? They always do what I want. They trust me so much. That’s all the only thing I need as a photographer, TRUST. It won’t works if you do the opposite, like force me to do this and this and this. They’re really know that they pay me because of my subjective and my works. That is why I love them so much.

Yeah that’s the happy thing, especially about the award. The old adage says, “there is good, some bad.” During the photo shoot, I lost one flash light and trigger coz hit by huge waves on beach. My crew less vigilant in securing my equipments. But it’s okay, I got awarded.

That’s all about this prewedding session with Nares and Yanen. Thank you so many for the team, Tina Wardhana as my MUA and Sugi as my Crew. See you on the next post.