Jun 13, 2017 Prewedding

Hello friends! Happy fasting for y’all moslems. We hope in this Ramadhan we can be a better person for future. By the way, we wanna share about our prewedding session with lovely and charming client, Jastin and Gita from Palembang. I have no idea why did we get almost 100% prewedding client from out of Yogyakarta. That’s why we always took pictures for prewedding in Jogja, make any sense? So, stop asking us about, “why you always take picture for prewedding in Jogja only?” As long as we love our job, it doesn’t any matters where it goes, right?

Back to Jastin and Gita. Both of them are really special client who really knows how to deal with us as an artist. They do make sure first that they really want us to handle this prewedding session. Lot of chit-chat before session day make us realized that they want the best for us and for them at the same time. Yeah, we do this not only for clients out there, it also for us too. Jastin and Gita trust us so well more than we expected. What a couple! We really ove them and as you can see, lot of beautifull pictures from 2 days prewedding session. We produce more than 1000 photos and it will become 2 post, maybe. But, please enjoy this with pleasure.

JS and Team.

Lead Photographer and Director: Julian Somadewa
Photographer: Andhika P
Videographer: Septian Anung
MUA: Tina Wardhana