Dec 20, 2015 Prewedding

Hello friends, long time no see.
Now i wanna talk a lil bit about my sister and brother, Ika and Adri. They’re my upper class in SMANSA Magelang. For me, Ika is the cutes sister and she was a great cheerleader. I don’t know about Adri too much, the one and only information about him is the fact that he is a bad boy.
This post ain’t talking about a photo session or something like that. I just wanna share about my “high school era.” Back at the time, i was a bad boy too. I only went to school four times a week by steals my mom’s doctor permitions. Drum, band, and hanging out with friends every day. Life at the time was all about having fun ONLY. I didn’t care about final exam or any school things.

And after 10 years, oh God… (i write this wth tears hanging on my eyes)
Honestly, you might be the most emotional person when you’re in high school, right? I think high school is the best thing in the world. Best era! Maybe most of you find the true love when you were in high school and it’s very emotional, even now. You need a lil bit flash back?
Your first kiss?
Dating in the class?
Lunch with your friends?
Learn how to smoke?
Got a bully?

All of those pieces are to priceless to forget. So, wherever you are, book your flight back to your hometown, visit your high school and your teachers. Say thanks for everythings.