Sep 25, 2014 Prewedding

So much work lined up behind me, making me not have much time to upload my work to this website. Finally, on the sidelines of my works I can upload a bunch of great photos.

I will start this post with an opinion. Sometimes we do not get to choose which client we like most. Clients always come and as a professional I have to provide excellent service. And this time I had the opportunity to choose my own clients. Yup, they are Dila and Rora. As you know, I wrote down a few times about Rora. Right, Rora is a good friend of mine and also a professional cinematographer. I and Rora have worked together side by side for almost 4 years. How glad I am, I received words from him that he will get married. Yeah, he has found parts of his heart, Dila. Seeing them holding hands, looking at each other, and joking, made me feel jealous. They are the perfect couple and crazy! During the shooting was, Dila always doing silly things such as imitating the sound of a baby. And I hate when Dila says, “Tatah Mas Juju.” (Bye Mas Juju). Hmmmmmmm…

But behind all of those, I’m praying for you both to always be blessed by God. Amen …

Julian Somadewa