Jun 18, 2016 Postwedding, Prewedding

Hello friends, happy fasting everyone.

This time, I want to share with all of you my friends. I’ll start with a little story. 7 years ago I finally decided to become a professional wedding photographer. A difficult decision because as Indonesian, many parents dream of their children for becoming doctors, the military, bankers, and all professions are common. Moreover, both my parents are doctors, they also want their children certainly do not work “unusual.”

But right now I am more and more convinced of my choice. Yes, this is my life, I have to make sure everything goes according to what I want. I only ask for their blessing so that I can work well, just that.

And since the first moment I took this thing 7 years ago, I had never even use my ability to make a photo shoot of my parents. How stupid I am. And finally I had the opportunity for it a month ago. I am grateful to God that I was given for this chance. I may not a typical of people who can say “I love you” in front of my own parents. So I just give what I can, and hopefully they know how fond I am of them.

I love U both!