May 10, 2014 Postwedding

Hello guys! I wanna tell you something about this post. This is my first post-wedding photos and i did it not for my client. Both of them are my brother and sister, named Tina and Seno. Seno is like an old brother for me and also my boss in my office. If i have a chance to write a book about photography, i will write down about Seno as my great teacher. Okay, what about Tina? I like her so much. She’s so pretty with all of her tacky things. But, the greatest things about Tina is the fact that she is a good Make Up Artist. So, can you imagine that? A great combination of photographer and MUA. So, in working life, they support each other.

Beside that, i can’t post too much photos because i was too exhausted. This Gunung Purba (Gunung Kidul) is not too high, but the path’s so steep. So, just enjoy my work… ^^


Julian Somadewa