Apr 30, 2014

All of my works start here, in PREWEDDING. A lot of friends wanna talk or just have a lil chat with me about how to make a great prewedding photos. Please, it’s not about price, it’s all about value. Trust me, you chose me because you know how good my work. The work that will be the best and the most valuable things before your wedding day. Can you imagine, a lot of peoples that will come to your wedding will see your story behind about how big your love each other. I think that is a good reason to take me as your photographer, right?

Okay, let me talk more. I do my photograph with all of my passion, creativity, and fun. Will never happen in a photo shoot with me, that you will feel bored. Why? Because i was always being tacky and stupid. But, it was really happened. I don’t want you to feel being photographed by a photographer. I wish you all know me as a best friend, because a best friend will do the best for his best friends.