Hello! My name is Julian Somadewa. I was born and grew up in the city of art and culture, called Yogyakarta. Right now, i’m on duty as profesional wedding photographer in Colorful Photography that based in Yogyakarta . I have 6 years working in this wedding industry. As a profesional wedding photographer, i realized that i should be able to create something new from day to day. Some peoples consider that a wedding photography is an “easy photo-exam”, but not with me. I must have great skills about camera, communication, and creative mastery.

Okay, let me talk a lil bit about my concept for doing some wedding photograph. I dedicate my self fully as a photographer, not a part-time or freelance photographer. I stand here to share the happiness with you. Laugh and Love are my fuel to drive my creativity. My Desire and Passion arises when the bride share laughter and sadness in the sacredness of marriage. We believe that every second of your beautiful moments have to be captured by the right people.
That is ME!

Let me convert your wishes into a beautiful masterpiece.
Whatever it takes!

– Julian Somadewa –